My Stylish Place: A Lesson in Less is More

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Upon entering Ann Tarwater’s Charlotte home, you immediately feel as though you’ve step into a page of House Beautiful.  With the help of local interior designer Linda McClellan, the monochromatic palette of creams and neutrals flow throughout the home creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.  While Ann describes her decorating style as minimal, she has created a home that demonstrates beautifully that less is so much more.  Meet this former fashion industry insider, mother of 3, grandmother of 3 (with one on the way) who is pursuing her master’s degree in Divinity at her more than stylish place.

Profile Picture

Ann Tarwater


ARIENE: What’s your favorite stylish place in your home?
ANN: My living room.  It is a slice of heaven.

ARIENE: What makes this your favorite place?
ANN:  The monochromatic palette creates a serene uncomplicated user friendly space.

ARIENE: How would you describe your style?
ANN: Palm Beach Minimalist.

ARIENE: What is your approach to decorating?
ANN: Start with style,  things that you love and that are functional (keeping hubbie in mind!).  This is a new house, and I wanted something completely different to reflect who we are at this age – empty nesters.  More style elements went into this house, than our previous home.


Alternate View


Living Room

ARIENE: What was your biggest challenge in decorating the space?
ANN: The light coming in the windows.  Colors in the room had to be light, and although I love blood red (its smashing!) it hasn’t made it into the house… yet.

ARIENE: As you look around, which piece would you say inspired this room?
ANN: The piano.  It needed a home.

ARIENE: What did you splurge on in the room?
ANN: Its between the Barbara Barry club chairs with the Calvin Klein fabric and the antique tier table from the 1800s.

ARIENE: What is your most favorite piece in the room?  Why?
ANN:  Without a pause – the Barbara Barry club chairs.

Entry Way





ARIENE: How do you use this space?

ANN: Its a great space for entertaining, reading and meeting with people.

ARIENE: How would you describe the mood of this room?
ANN: Serene, calming, friendly but not formal.

ARIENE: What ingredients make this room work?
ANN: I do not like a lot of stuff, and living with less allows me to concentrate on peolpe not things.

ARIENE: How did you decide what comes into your space? Are you a ruthless editor of things?
ANN: For everything that comes in, one thing must go.  As a minimalist you have to be a ruthless editor.  We designed our home around our lifestyle and decorated within that context.

ARIENE: How could someone re-create this type of style?
ANN: I would begin with a neutral color palette and a large piece for the space.  Purchase items that you love.  Focus, budget and buy everything at once to create a seamless flow throughout the room.


Barbara Barry Club Chairs


ARIENE: But why the angel and deer?
ANN: The angel was a nice addition to a serene room drawing the eye to the antique tier table.  The deer was a gift from dear friends (punt intended).






ARIENE:  So I couldn’t leave without asking you about your personal style…

ANN’s Favorites for WINTER

1.  Fragrance: Stella McCarthy

2.  Color Combo: Lots of cream, charcoal gray and black

3.  Fashion Staple: Turtlenecks

4.  Beauty Staple: NARS lipstick and Sisley Skin Care (Neiman Marcus)

5.  Blog/Web site:  I devour all fashion magazines!



All in the Details:

  • Wall Color: Benjamin More, Natural Linen
  • Shop the look locally: Alexander Scott, Slate Interiors, Traditions Interiors & Access
  • Interior Decorator: Linda McClellan Designs

Photos by Ariene Bethea

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  1. Ashanti Gunthrope February 7, 2012 at 2:10 pm ·

    The entry way is my favorite. The use of the space is phenomenal! This is a great article and you have a great eye for detail!

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