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With temperatures in the upper 70’s lately it seems as if we are breezing right through spring and straight into summer here in Charlotte, NC. Everywhere you look there are tree branches sprinkled with confectionery blossoms, pops of daffodils and hyacinths emerging beneath sumptuous and luscious green grass, and warm golden sunlight streaming flawlessly through lacey openings in the foliage. So, why not capture this seemingly fleeting image of spring before it slips right past into the straw hats and sunglasses of summer by sporting floral snapshots on your pants? Yes, spend days on end frolicking amongst the spring flowers in your 9 to 5 trousers. The recent resurgence of bold floral prints is the perfect way to pump up and polish your spring wardrobe into something completely posh, prim, and decidedly cutting edge. Celebs like Jessica Alba, Olivia Palermo, and Zoe Saldana {featured below} demonstrate how to rock such a bold fashion statement in a way that is chic and timeless while simultaneously on par with this season’s hottest new trend.


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How to Wear It: Pair your bright floral pants with this season’s color blocking for a modern take on chintzy chic, pair with pony hair animal print pumps or belts for a dash of daring pattern play, juxtapose with a menswear inspired tuxedo jacket or blazer for a perfect balance of masculine and feminine cuts, dress it up with layers of jewelry and stilettos, or dress it down with sandals and a plain white T-shirt. This look is totally convertible and compatible with a various range of personal style and taste so take it and make it you.

Bonus: This trend is easily transitioned and seasonally extended into late summer/fall with pairings of chambray shirts, fur vests, chunky scarves and a darker navy/black pallet.


So, take a chance on fashion today. Be audacious in your style selections and sport a fashionable floral your way.


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