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Photo By: Glen Graham/GBurkeImages

As little girls, most of us remember having pink princess and ballerina themed bedrooms.  However none of us ever thought of keeping that furniture let alone passing it down to our children.  Well, except for Erica Bryant.  Our very own local new WSOC TV news anchor, and mother of two had the foresight to keep her childhood furniture.  This furniture became the inspiration for her 11 year-old daughter Ashleigh’s favorite new place.  Meet Ashleigh’s mom, Erica Bryant in her daughter’s stylish pad.

ARIENE: What room are we in and why?
ERICA:  We are in my daughter Ashleigh’s bedroom.  It was time to update her room into something that will grow with her at this age.

Photo By: Glen Graham/GBurkeImages, Designed By: Rashon Carraway

ARIENE:  How would you describe your daughters style?
ERICA:  Its the perfect blend between princess and tomboy – colorful and fun.  Ashleigh was very involved and picked the fuchsia color and bed linens.

ARIENE:  What piece inspired the room?
ERICA:  Well, the bed and desk were mine as a child (with a smile).  I carried them with me from place to place, storing them in the garage.  I was going to throw them away, when one night I came across the Nate Berkus show and saw a young man refurbishing old furniture and decided to keep it.  Several months later I ran into the gentleman from the Nate Berkus Show (Most Stylish 2012 Honoree, Rashon Carraway) at a Goodwill event.  I told him about the bedroom and the rest is history!

Habitat Restore night stands refurbished by Fulton Williams, Designed By: Rashon Carraway

ARIENE:  What was the biggest challenge in decorating the space?
ERICA:  Scheduling!  Working with my schedule, the artisan Fulton Williams (painted & sanded night stands) and Rashon was challenging but worth it.


ARIENE:  Where there any DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY) projects our readers can takeaway?
ERICA:  The pin board above the desk was purchased second hand.  The frame was painted and new fabric was added to the back (see above).

ARIENE:  What did you splurge on?
ERICA:  The bedding.  My daughter selected the bedding from Pottery Barn.  Rashon had the mitered pillows custom made.  They finish the bed nicely.

Custom mitered pillows

ARIENE:  What was the least expensive item in the room?
ERICA:  The pin board above the desk.  The solid wood night stand were a steal at $150 for the pair.

ARIENE:  What is your daughter’s favorite piece in the room?
ERICA:  The bed is her favorite.  She loves that it was mine at her age.  And since she went from a twin bed to a full she has more room for pillows, jumping and curling up with a book.

ARIENE:  How would you describe the mood of the room?
ERICA:  Happy, cheerful and calming.  The room has great bedside lighting (second hand) that is perfect for reading.  She requested a chandelier for some bling!

Ashleigh Approves!

ARIENE:  How could reader’s recreate a similar style?
ERICA:  Begin with a family heirloom piece or a piece of furniture that has sentimental value and build around that.  I also love to surround a room with family photos.  When I walk into Ashleigh’s room I see pictures of her from a baby, to a toddler, to fond vacation memories or time spent with friends.  It instantly creates a warm and cozy space.

What’s on “Erica’s Favorite Things” List for Spring / Summer


Fragrance:  Lemon/citrus or clean linen scent for the home.  As for what I am wearing now, Dolce and Gabbana The One is my staple.  I also wear Lola by Marc Jacobs.  Ashleigh, is wearing a really nice fragrance called  Princess by Vera Wang.

Color Combo:  Fuchsia like Ashleigh!

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Beauty Staple:  MAC Blot Powder

Fashion Staple:  A black skirt and the highest heel I can find!



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